Our Goal

To ensure a fair process with full transparency and credibility for all parties through our full follow-up of exchange processes. Additionally, we provide a careful examination of all products that will be sold or received to ensure the best and easiest service for our valued customers.

1 Vision

To be the preferred destination for buyers and sellers to offer or promote different type of items with flexible trade and financials solutions that add value to all parties.

2 Mission

To be an active part and pioneers in the massive digital transformation system that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing in reducing fraud and making operations safer with Vision 2030.

Our Services

Mobile Application

Mazadak Application is designed to provide reliable e-commerce marketplace that is transparent, safe and reliable for business and individuals. You buy, sell or start an auction with different product categories like cars, watercrafts, watches and more.

Sealed Auctions

These are non-public auctions in which the bids are submitted confidentially without informing any of the parties except after the end of the auction.

contact us

PHONE: +966 920026625

EMAIL: info@mazadak.com

ADDRESS: Ar Rawdah Dist, Jeddah, KSA

Worktime: 24/7

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